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Singer & Topliner for hire

I'm a classically trained singer and had my first TV appearance performing pop at age 17. I have been singing jazz, R&B and pop professionally since, touring New Zealand, Europe, USA. I'm also a topliner who writes pop for other artists. I work in Ableton Live, Adobe Audition and Protools. Home recordings are completed from a professionally treated booth, with a Neumann TLM 103 microphone. I always have live musicians to call upon for accompaniment, or am just at home performing with a backing track, thanks to my experience as an Actor and Dancer. 

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R&B and POP

I can sing either lead vocals or backing vocals on your R&B and POP projects. Here's a recent performance!


I have a list of jazz standards already committed to memory from my 12 years of singing live jazz. Here's a recording of me playing with the legendary Barry Harris who taught me the song moments before. I have pianists, drummers, double bassists to bring to any event. Read More


I have played roles such as Mimi in RENT, Mimi in MISS SAIGON, Crystal in LITTLE SHOP OF  HORRORS and more. I also vocal directed the musical TOMMY and was helping develop several musicals in New York CIty with new writers. I'm chipping away at writing my own musicals, too! Just a note that I'm non equity at this time - I was unable to join on my 01 visa status but will look to join in 2024. I also dance and act.

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